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John Courtneidge

I'm a Quaker and a UCL PhD Research and Teaching Chemist.

I promote the plan and process for Co-operative Socialism as a peaceful, Parliamentary, Democratic replacement for Capitalism (please see the CCPA Reader on Co-operative Socialism at www.interestfreemoney.org/papers).

I was The Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate in Bromley and Chislehurst in 2015. It was UKIP's target seat, where Nigel Farage had previosly stood. We regained second place, much to the sadness of the UKIP Candidate.

I campaign on the doorsteps! It works! As it did then.

But, thereafter, Labour blocked me and, in January 2020, I was expelled from The Labour Party, with no hearing or appeal allowed, as one of the first twenty-five expellees, after the 'No-evidence required' Rule Change at the September 2019 Labour Party Annual Conference (where I was inside the building at our Labour Action for Peace (LAP) stall.

LAP was the first adoptee of the plan for Co-operative Socialism. Occupy later, Bromley TU Pensioners, Bromley Co-op Party, etc after.

We need to spread two messages:

'Don't Vote Labour!'

'Vote for true Co-operative Socialism instead!'

Andrew Feinstein

I am a former ANC Member of Parliament from South Africa where I served under Nelson Mandela. I have been a resident of Holborn & St. Pancras for over 22 years, ever since I moved to the UK.

I am a socialist, an anti-racist and an anti-militarist. I am on the Steering Committee of Stop the War, an active participant in the campaigns of Palestine Action and the PSC, and I’m on the boards of a number of progressive organisations, including DeClassified UK.

I run a small not-for-profit that investigates the global arms trade, militarism and corruption. I am the author of a number of best-selling and critically acclaimed books and an award-winning documentary film on these topics.

I am a friend and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. I believe that Keir Starmer has turned the Labour Party back into a neo-liberal, pro-war party where progressives have no place anymore.

Together, we can run a powerful campaign on the key local issues facing the residents of H&StP, including the cost of living crisis and Labour’s commitment to austerity; the NHS; housing and homelessness; cuts to benefits; and the appalling pay of key public servants including teachers and nurses.

In parallel we can make this a campaign of national significance, by also focusing on Starmer’s constant lies; his uncritical support for Israel and his refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza; the party’s racist hierarchy of racism; and his support for the UK’s military adventurism and arms trade.

A crucial element of this is exposing his billionaire donors, whose interests he serves at the expense of the residents of H&StP.

I am proudly Jewish and married to a British Bangladeshi. As the son of a Holocaust survivor who lost dozens of her family in Auschwitz, where I have lectured on genocide prevention, I am appalled that Starmer has expelled more Jews from the Labour Party than all other leaders in its history, supposedly to ‘counter’ anti-semitism.

I appear regularly on a wide range of media including Owen Jones’ podcast, DoubleDownNews, the Islam Channel, Al Jazeera and lately even the BBC and CNN.

I am very active on social media, especially Twitter where I have over 56,000 followers.

We must do everything in our power to stop the Red Tory Starmer from triumphing.

Candidate Eric Jarvis

Eric Jarvis

I don't want to be an MP.

I am a musician and a theatre director, at a pinch a political organiser. However on the deadline day for applications to be the OCISA candidate I panicked in the morning when only one application had been received and sent one in myself to ensure there would be a contest.

Holborn St Pancras is a very diverse community and as after withdrawals from the process we were left with a choice between two middle aged white men I am not going to rescind my application as I intended, and am standing to create at least an iota of diversity as I am another middle aged white man but disabled. This is disappointing for the 21st century in that it seems that the vast majority even of left wing people still believe that middle aged white men make the best political candidates, and that the pressures on people from under-represented groups are still too much to allow them to take political representative roles in appropriate numbers.

I have been, in the past, an MP's agent and worked on his staff in Parliament for a while. I know what being an MP should entail and have had good role models and mentors over the years in Bernie Grant, Stuart Holland, Frank Dobson, Chris Smith, and Jeremy Corbyn. I know that the primary function of an MP is to represent all the people of their constituency in every way they can.

I live in Brixton but know Camden well. Not just because I have done gigs in a fair few of the pubs there. I've also spent time working in Chalk Farm, and living just over the border in Gerrard Street and Drury Lane at times. It's where I have had a good proportion of the best times in my life.

I don't consider myself to be ideologically driven but evidence, logic, and experience have led me to be very much on what is currently seen to be the political left. Because that is what makes sense and because that is where the changes that need to happen are going to come from. I also believe that for over 80 grand the least we should expect from our MPs is that they entertain us as well as represent us. If changing the world for the better isn't fun then what is?

I don't want to do this but having spent months trying to persuade people that this selection process should have some degree of diversity I have to put myself forward as it is immoral to ask people to do something you aren't willing to do yourself if you are capable.

I could be a better MP than most who are in Parliament. However Angus (my cat) would much prefer me not to be an MP at all.

It's up to you.

OCISA Ltd is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No 14710333 Registered office: Penyclip Cottage, Druids Lane, Porthaethwy, Ynys Mon LL595BY
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