Former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein is endorsed by OCISA members to stand against Keir Starmer in his constituency of Holborn and St Pancras
Andrew Feinstein is standing against Keir Starmer in Holborn and St Pancras

Unseat Starmer in Holborn & St Pancras

Starmer has declared that Jeremy Corbyn is not to be the Labour Party candidate for Islington. This is our response. A blow against one of us is a blow against us all. For this reason this group is set up to mount a candidate in any forthcoming parliamentary election in the constituency of Holborn & St Pancras currently held by Keir Starmer. Our candidate will be chosen by members of this group and funded by the public to stand against all parties in that constituency. The group is Socialist and aim to implement the 2017 Labour Party election manifesto through a concerted campaign against the current leadership of the Labour Party.

The plan...

Choose and elect a new candidate

The basic idea is to mount a unity left wing socialist candidate in Holborn St Pancras against all comers but particularly Keir Starmer.

This will involve forming a structure to enable fundraising, electoral compliance and campaigning of sufficient weight to attract an high profile candidate. These steps are underway.

The candidate would be nominated by the groups formed in support of OCISA including the Facebook group but also a local presence and a list of backers. 

The offer we would make to the candidate elected would have to carry sufficient credibility to allow the candidate to have a fighting chance of unseating Starmer - so perhaps a war chest of £50,000, a local constituency office (set up and ready to go), an election agent and the resources to campaign with boots on the ground locally, would attract the right person.
The Plan in full
Unknown candidate
Unseat Keir Starmer

Get Starmer out

Once a candidate is elected through channels the complimentary mission of building the structure will have been completed and it is on to phase 2, the campaign against Starmer.

If, as anticipated, our candidate is a well known robust left wing figure we would want them to have their own ideas as to the best way to attack Starmer, so as a hypothetical example, say we asked Dr Bob Gill to stand for us (giving him the war chest and the structure) it would be open to him to direct his campaign almost entirely to pointing out the attacks on the NHS and make that the issue that buries Starmer.

Given that the national spotlight will be on Holborn St Pancras it is the ideal vehicle for him to do that.

Join the digital constituency

By signing up with your name and email  below, you be joining our 'digital constituency' and will be able to vote for who our candidate will be.

We will also keep you informed with occasional newsletters and let you know when there is more to be done.
OCISA Ltd is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No 14710333 Registered office: Penyclip Cottage, Druids Lane, Porthaethwy, Ynys Mon LL595BY
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