❌ £28b a year green capital plan
❌ Repeal anti-union laws
❌ Asylum policy
❌ Trans rights
❌ Uni tuition fees
❌ Extending ULEZ
❌ NHS outsourcing
❌ Triple lock
❌ Social care
❌ Forde Report update
❌ Proportional Representation
❌ Compensation for Waspi women
❌ Scrap Universal Credit
❌ Bedroom tax
❌ North Sea oil
❌ Rent Controls
❌ Raising income tax top 5%
❌ Mortgage relief
❌ Tax on big tech
❌ Clean air zones
❌ Abolishing Lords first term
❌ Workers’ rights
❌ School meals
❌ Prioritise mental health
❌ Reinstate Dep. For Int. Dev.
❌ Promote peace & human rights
❌ Universal childcare
❌ Increase/extend Stat. sick
❌ Nationalise public utilities
❌ Zero hours contracts
❌Sure Start
❌ UN disability rights
❌ Two child cap
❌ Charity status private schools
❌ Benefit cap
❌ Restore social housing
❌ HS2

If you are hoping for change if you vote Labour, look at what Labour WONT BE DOING!

Vote for an Independent Candidate who WILL represent the community of Holborn St Pancras, not the diktat of a political party or rich donors.

Join OCISA.org.uk and help to decide who your Candidate will be.

OCISA Ltd is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No 14710333 Registered office: Penyclip Cottage, Druids Lane, Porthaethwy, Ynys Mon LL595BY
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