WHY WOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR STARMER? STARMER LABOUR U-TURNS ❌ £28b a year green capital plan❌ Repeal anti-union laws❌ Asylum policy❌ Trans rights❌ Uni tuition fees❌ Extending ULEZ❌ NHS outsourcing❌ […]

Stop Starmer / OCISA Event

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Unseat Keir Starmer

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Donate to our Crowdfunder Donate to our Crowdfunder to get Starmer out (this method uses card payments) https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/starmerout Donate via Paypal Anyone who prefers to donate using Paypal can make […]
Jeremy Corbyn addresses large crowd

The Digital Constituency

This campaign was launched with the particular goal of removing Kier Starmer from his seat in Holborn St Pancras but it is set against widespread discontent with the political/constitutional system […]
Unseat Keir Starmer

The Plan To Unseat Starmer

The recent developments in the Labour Party have provoked many different and valid responses across the left in the UK. Particularly the piece in the Guardian, by Starmer indicating that […]
Jeremy Corbyn addresses large crowd


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